Putting in the effort

I recently worked with an out-of-work professional who, I hate to say, was darn lazy. The most work he did was about 30 minutes each day, checking e-mails and one job board to see if there were any new opportunities. He then asked me to send out his resumes for him. Not a bad plan, I guess, if it works.

However, it doesn’t work — well, anyway — for a number of reasons. For instance, by his own admission, he spent the rest of his time “moping around the house” hoping someone would call. I suggested that he do some volunteer work, attend some job-search or industry-specific networking groups, or, at the very least, make some phone calls to friends or past associates who might be of some help.

But no, being proactive wasn’t in his nature and it took him twice as long (maybe three times as long!) to find a job — not because of the economy. He was in a field that is always experiencing a shortage.

The moral here is: Put in the effort. Make it happen.

It’s really up to you. I strongly believe that even if there is only one job out there, it can be yours if you work at it, present yourself in the best possible light and follow up conscientiously


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